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Fixtured fastening systems involve more than selecting tools from a catalog. They're an inticate matter of linking users, applications and systems to deliver an uncompromised combination of ergonomics, speed, durability and accuracy. The solution: Ingersoll Rand Fixtured Fastening Systems.

With Fixtured Fastening Systems from Ingersoll Rand, you get the benefits of our world-class portfolio of tools, controllers, software, and handling devices, backed up by our global team of experts. Whether you need a simple, single-fixtured spindle or a sophisticated set of customengineered multi-spindle systems, we offer a full line of solutions that provide superior ergonomics, reduced cycle times, more even clamp loads, and exceptional durability.

Whether your operations are local or across the globe, our worldwide network of Solutions and Customer Centers will support your needs. From joint analysis and system design to complete project management and on-site run-off, Ingersoll Rand delivers the complete solution to meet your requirements, including the after-sales service and support you should expect from a leader in the industry.

Multi-spindle, QMM, spindles, DC Fastening, QM, wheel, nut, tire

Designed for common applications where off-the-shelf modular components can be quickly and easily configured to meet the job requirements.
Custom Multiples

A solution for more complex multi-spindle applications requiring custom engineering.

View the brochure for this product.

View the brochure for this product.

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