Ingersoll Rand Pulse Tools for Precision Fastening Systems

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Ingersoll Rand offers standard shutoff and non-shutoff pulse tools in pistol, angle, and in-line configurations to meet your needs. These extremely lightweight reactionless tools offer excellent power, speed, accuracy, and ergonomics.

Non Shut-off Pulse Tools

Non Shut-off Pulse Tools

Pistol-Grip  |  Inline  |  Angle 

Non-shutoff tools are recommended for the majority of applications where speed and ergonomics are important. They are the easiest to set up, maintain, and they provide good accuracy.


Shut-Off Pulse Tools

Shutoff tools are recommended as substitutes for non-shutoff tools when increased error-proofing is desired. They can be beneficial for less experienced operators, since they automatically shut off at a preset torque level.

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