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Impact Wrench, Torque-limit impact wrench

2130XP-TL Torque-Limited Impact Wrench

The 2130XP-TL torque-limited Impactool™ impact wrench is specially engineered for high-volume tire changing applications. The torque-limit feature prevents excess torque from being applied to the wheel and fasteners. When used in tandem with a traditional torque wrench, it helps fastening wheels to the right torque for increased driver's comfort and safety.


  • Torque-Limited - Forward torque is limited to 47-75 Nm (35-55 ft-lb) for tire service applications.
  • Ingersoll Rand Original Twin Hammer Impact Mechanism - strongest, most durable and longest life mechanism in the industry.
  • 6-Vane Motor - Powerful reverse-bias delivers even more power in reverse.
  • Ergonomic Housing - Lightweight, protects from cold air and provides great operator comfort.
  • Feature Touch Trigger - Allows precise delivery of power and speed.
  • One-handed Foward/Reverse Switch - Easy glide for easy operation.
  • 360° Swivel Inlet - helps in eliminating twisted hoses.
  • Reduced Noise Levels - Silenced through-handle exhaust reduces the noise level.


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