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Air Impactools

There are good reasons why Ingersoll Rand pneumatic Impactools are so highly regarded by professionals, especially in the automotive service industry. With decades of proven engineering expertise behind them, our Impactools deliver rugged reliability and power in durable, compact packages. Ingersoll Rand pneumatic Impactools offer the best power-to-weight ratios available on the market.
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IQv Series Cordless Tools

We have leveraged over 100 years of tool building experience and engineering expertise to design our IQV Series Cordless Tools specifically for the power and durability requirements of Service Professionals. At Ingersoll Rand we are committed to increasing your productivity with innovative cordless products and then backing them with the best warranty in the business. Ingersoll Rand IQv™ Series™ Cordless: Power. Durability. Commitment.
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Air Rachets

For more than 100 years, Ingersoll Rand has been designing world-class tools of the highest quality, durability, and reliability. This legacy of excellence and performance is evident in our line of pneumatic ratchets. Smaller in size and more powerful than competitive models, our ratchets are specifically engineered to make your job easier and you more productive. Our ratchets are also very convenient to use, thanks to enhanced ergonomics.
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Air Finishing Tools

Ingersoll Rand has the industry’s most complete line of air finishing tools. Sanders, polishers, and buffers come in a variety of models from traditional styles for heavy material removal to the newest models for excellent control and brilliant surfaces. All Ingersoll Rand finishing tools are designed for long-life and swirl-free finishes.
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Air Cutting Tools & Grinders

With high-strength steels, advanced plastics, and new composite materials in today’s cars and trucks, you need versatile tools for precise, controlled cutting. Ingersoll Rand cutting tools are the reliable choice for auto body and repair shops, used for everything from muffler and exhaust work to sunroof installations and body repairs. In addition, Ingersoll Rand’s expanded line of air grinders provide valuable features in compact packages for grinding, edge-breaking, deburring, porting and polishing applications.
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Air Drills

Ingersoll Rand air drills have industrial-grade chucks and keyless chuck versions that are extra-tough for drilling, sawing, valve guide reaming, cylinder honing, and wire brushing. They are powerful, efficient, and durable with smooth, quiet operation.
121, air hammer, hammer

Air Hammers

Ingersoll Rand air hammers are designed so you can let the tool do the work, whether it's cutting, punching, chipping, or scraping. Each air hammer comes with a coil spring retainer for fast and easy chisel changes. You can also buy a five-piece chisel set, or get an Ingersoll Rand air hammer kit, which includes both the hammer and the chisel set.
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Tool Accessories

When there's a demanding job to do you need tools and accessories that are going to work as hard as you do. That's exactly what you get when you turn to Ingersoll Rand. Our complete line of job-specific accessories reflects the same high standards of performance that you'd expect from Ingersoll Rand - the global leader for durable and reliable tools and equipment. Whether it's a big job or small, Ingersoll Rand has what you need to get it done right.

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