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Benefit from the expertise of our Service Centres and our IR trained Service Technicians. Over 90 years of experience in manufacturing, lifting and handling systems ensures not only that you will have reliable equipment but also innovative solutions to help you optimize your lifting and handling operations.

As reliable as your ergonomic handling equipment is, it requires maintenance to function well during its life. The Service Offers described here are intended to simplify the management of your equipment during the product lifetime. An ergonomic handling system in good working order and correctly maintained is an investment towards the quality of your production. It also reduces the frequency of equipment replacement and minimises unexpected downtime.

EHS service


On-site visit or visits to assess the efficiency, ergonomics, repeatability and traceability of the currently used tooling and methods.
EHS Service


Maintenance of your Ergonomic Handling System by manufacturer trained and certified technicians to ensure the reliability of your system. Simple and transparent maintenance management thanks to simple fixed-price charging for parts and labour.
EHS Service


Repair of your Ergonomic Handling System by manufacturer trained and certified technicians. Genuine spare parts used and modifications made to the latest standard, where applicable, to ensure optimal performance. 6 months warranty for repairs and spare parts.
EHS Service

Installation and Start Up

Use our service expertise to ensure that your new Ingersoll Rand equipment is properly installed and ready to operate in safe and optimal conditions.
EHS service

Asset Tracking & Management

Tailored management of your Ergonomic Handling providing information on maintenance, state of wear, availability and cost of use.
EHS Service


Rapid availability of one of our handling systems matched to your requirements for your period of need - without any investment constraint. You are assured of high performance from equipment which is Ingersoll Rand maintained and inspected to ensure safe and efficient operation.

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