Repair (on site)

Service - Winch & Hoist - ESA
Peace of mind! Our service technicians are available to carry out professional repairs at your site worldwide.

Service Content

  • Preliminary visit for product assessment.
  • Inspection report and quotation.
  • Secondary visit for product repair (once parts are on site).
  • Product disassembly and parts replacement.
  • Perform functional tests.
  • Perform load tests.
  • Mark product with an Ingersoll Rand maintenance tag.
  • Sign the Ingersoll Rand maintenance book.
  • Issue Ingersoll Rand completion report.

Limitations - Conditions

  • Safe access to the product must be provided.
  • Tools, rigging equipment and test loads to be provided by customer
  • Additional service or repair required will be subject to a specific quotation.

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