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Assembly service


On-site visit or visits to assess the efficiency, ergonomics, repeatability and traceability of the currently used tooling and methods.
Assembly Maintenance


Maintenance of your tool by manufacturer trained and certified technicians to ensure the reliability of your tool. Simple and transparent maintenance management thanks to simple fixed prices for parts and labour.
Tools Service ESA


Repair of your tools by manufacturer Trained and Certified technicians. Genuine spare parts used and modification to latest standard where applicable to ensure optimal performance. 6 months warranty for repair and spare parts.
Assembly service

Asset Tracking & Management

Tailored management of your tools providing information on maintenance, state of wear, calibration status, availability and cost of use.
Tools Service ESA


The most accurate tool will only give satisfactory and repeatable results if correctly adjusted to the targeted torque for the application, this service ensure the correct adjustment and calibration of your tool.
Assembly service


Functional, accuracy and performance tests to evaluate the tools capability to fulfil your quality requirements. Our torque measurement equipments permit us to perform a full study of any assembly tool.

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