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New Tools Coming Soon from Ingersoll Rand

Ingersoll Rand unveiled several exciting new tools at a recent Tool Dealer Expo in Orlando, FL.

118MAX and 122MAX Air Hammers
In keeping with the tradition of Ingersoll Rand MAX tools, the 118MAX and 122MAX vibration-reduced air hammers deliver the MAX Comfort, MAX Power, and MAX Productivity needed to accomplish your most challenging material preparation jobs.

MAX Comfort - Anti-vibration feature reduces tool vibration by over 30% when compared to standard air hammers in its class.
MAX Power - 15% increase in impact force over standard air hammer product offering.
MAX Productivity - Quick-change retainer allows for faster chisel changeovers, so you can get the job done.

At the show Ian Griggs of RNR Tools said “The new air hammers look great. The fact that it comes with a quick change retainer is awesome, and the composite handle is good because it can absorb more shock."

For more information on Ingersoll Rand’s air hammers, check out our product webpage here at Ingersoll Rand’s Air Hammers Page

2145QiMAX ImpactoolTM
Ingersoll Rand announces the new 2145QiMAX - More power. Less air. Not only does the new Ingersoll Rand 2145QiMAX Impactool deliver incredible performance and industrial-grade durability, its efficient air motor also reduces air consumption – which saves you money.

MAX Power —1350 ft-lb maximum reverse torque from a tool that weighs just 7.4 lbs and is compact enough to access tight spaces.
MAX Durability — Built to last and designed to withstand tough use in rugged environments; a two-year limited warranty is standard.
MAX Productivity — An air motor that’s 16% more efficient than its predecessor and an easy-to-clean inlet screen means less down time, better tool performance, and more money saved on compressed air.

Truck Mechanic Chris Harley, who works for Allied Oil Company, has 8 years experience and had this to say about the 2145QiMAX: "I’ve been using this impact gun for about 3 months now. It’s much, much more powerful than the previous one I had, and there really doesn’t seem to be much that can stop it. It’s really quiet, and its light and I like that a lot about it."

For more information on Ingersoll Rand’s legendary impactools, check out our product webpage here at Ingersoll Rand’s Maintenance / Automotive ImpactoolsTM Page

529 Vibration Reduced Air Saw
The 529 Vibration Reduced Reciprocating Air Saw offers world-class comfort, derived from its patented integrated vibration reduction mechanism. The added benefits of its lightweight construction, ergonomically designed rubber grip and 360° swivel exhaust results in improved productivity. Whether the job calls for cutting plastics, fiberglass, composites, aluminum or sheet metal, the 529 is the saw of choice for all your cutting needs.

For more information on Ingersoll Rand’s 529 Air Saw and other cutting tools, check out our product webpage here at Ingersoll Rand’s Cutting Tools Page

Look for these great new tools from your local tool dealer in September. Ingersoll Rand continues to expand its MAX family of tools, offering you best in class performance and durability.

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