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Ingersoll Rand offre soluzioni praticamente per tutti i settori industriali. Per sapere quali sono, fate clic sulle divisioni dei prodotti a sinistra.

Garage Solutions

Oil-Free Compressed Air Solutions

No matter what the application, Ingersoll Rand oil-free compressors provide 100% oil-free air in all operating conditions to reduce costly downtime, product liability and damage to your reputation. Trust Ingersoll Rand to provide the expertise and oil-free technology to meet your needs.

Mining Solutions

Ingersoll Rand makes a wide range of products used in Mining. From lifting products including hoists and winches to compressed air and tools our solutions support mineral processing and metal production. To complement our dedicated mining products, Ingersoll Rand provides expert advice and technical support developed from years of working with leading mining companies.

Power Generation Solutions

Ingersoll Rand has been partnering with the power generation industry for over 75 years and even helped to build the Hoover Dam! Ingersoll Rand strives to ensure that power plants remain online and help streamline the maintenance process during scheduled outages. 

Compressed Air Truck Unloading

Soluzioni utensili pneumatici industriali

Impianti ad aria compressa

Impianti di sollevamento, catena di trasporto, nastro trasportatore e altre soluzioni per la movimentazione di materiali

Soluzioni ARO per prodotti fluidi

Motori ad aria

Avviamento motore

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