MRV air motors by Ingersoll Rand


MRV Series

Direct drive multi vane air motors, 0.33 hp to 4.8 hp with speed adjustability through air controls.


  • Lube free: Airline lubrication not required for most applications.
  • Variable speed: Controllable over a wide speed range by using a simple valve on your input air supply line.
  • Great for harsh environments: No heat build up or sparks make air motors ideal for use in flammable or explosive applications.
  • Instantly reversible: Easy reversing using a directional control valve.
  • Compact and portable: Get maximum horsepower in minimum size.
  • Minimum maintenance: Our motors have a proven history of long, low maintenance life. All you need to provide is a clean air supply.
  • Will not burn out: Air motors can be stalled or overloaded for long periods without damage.
  • No shock starts: Air cushioned start up cuts stress on your equipment. Accepts repeated starting and stopping without limitation.
  • Available mounting: Foot, hub, face, Nema-C or metric (B5, B14).


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