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Remote Monitoring

  • Ensuring piece of mind
  • Yielding immediate response
  • Minimizing loss of production
  • Reducing costly downtime
  • Better use of controls equipment


How is IntelliGuard like a home security system?


How will IntelliGuard save you money?

Reduced Downtime means IntelliGuard can pay for itself in less than one year. An alarm or fault warning from the compressor's controller notifies an Ingersoll Rand service technician within seconds, often before you even know there is a problem. For example, when installed on a 125hp rotary screw compressor, the installation and monthly monitoring fees for one year cost typically less than one hour of downtime*.

*Varies depending on operational impact of lost production.


Prevent just 10 minutes of downtime per month for payback and savings.

Reduced Operating Costs are the result of IntelliGuard's automatic notification and diagnostic capabilities. When IntelliGuard notifies a technician of an alarm, he can remotely monitor your compressor's performance parameters instantly. The service technician can often eliminate a service call entirely by diagnosing your compressor remotely. In the event that a service call is required, he can respond more rapidly and ensure he has the right parts based upon the remote diagnosis.


What Controllers can use IntelliGuard?

  • Any Rotary compressor with an Intellisys Controller of any vintage
  • Nirvana SGN Intellisys
  • All Centacs


What You Need for Easy Installation

  • Compressor communication port
  • Site Kit (includes one modem per customer site)
  • One dedicated phone line per customer location
  • See your service provider for a complete installation quote

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