Standard Warehouse Handling Device

Warehouse Handling Device

Warehouse Handling Device

The Ingersoll Rand Warehouse Handler is designed to be integrated with the load sensing InteLIFT® to make handling awkwardly-shaped parts effortless. The gripper-like fingers are ideally suited for warehouse and beverage tote and tray applications between 18 in (457 mm) and 22 in (559 mm) in length.


  • Versatility

    The same device can be used to pick up parts such as totes, trays, boxes, and milk crates. The self-balance feature allows the same device to pick up parts of different weights and sizes

  • Intuitive operation

    The force sensing control mimics the human motion of picking up a part and placing it down

  • Compact design

    Able to reach into tightly stacked products to pull out and secure before lifting


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