7700 Spark Resistant Series

7756E, Hoist, Spark resistant series

ARO Chain Hoist 7700 & 7790 Spark Resistant Series

Continuous Heavy-Duty Applications
500 lbs (227 kg) - 3000 lbs (1364 kg) Lifting Capacity

7700 and 7790 Series Spark Resistant Hoists are designed for Division 1 applications where, under normal operating conditions, the atmosphere contains hazardous concentrations of flammable gases, dust, or other materials.

Specifically engineered for continuous heavy-duty industrial applications - between 500 lbs. (227 kg) and 3000 lbs. (1364 kg) - the 7700 and 7790 Spark Resistant Hoists are available with bronze top hook or trolley adapter suspension.


Spark Resistant Features

  • Stainless steel load chain and solid bronze hooks to prevent accidental sparking.
  • Pendant control handles, when ordered, are covered with an industrial-grade vinyl grip. Pull chain controls come standard with zinc-plated pull chain.
  • Hoist capacities are reduced and speed adjustments are locked into place to maximize chain life.
  • Trolley models are supplied with bronze wheels.

Division 1 & 2 Applications

  • Division 1 (Spark-Resistant air hoists are required)

    Atmospheres containing hazardous concentrations of flammable gases, dusts, or fibers, continuously, frequently or periodically, under normal operating conditions.

  • Division 2 (Standard air hoists are required)

    Atmospheres, normally non-hazardous, in which a hazardous concentration of flammable gases, dusts, or fibers, occurs when a container or handling system fails, or the ventilating system which normally keeps the concentration non-hazardous fails.


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