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Electric Hoist by Ingersoll Rand

Ingersoll Rand offers three series of electrically powered hoists. The Quantum series has a range of 1/8 ton up to 5 metric ton capacity. The ULE2 Ultra-Low™ series range from 1/4 to 25 US ton capacity. The Hercu-Link™ series is available in capacities from 12.5 to 100 metric tons.

Hercu-Link, HE, Electric Hoist

Heavy industrial duty chain hoists available in all worldwide voltages. Compact design; approximately one third the “envelope” size of comparable wire rope hoists. 12.5 to 100 metric ton lifting capacity.

ULE2 Ultra-Lo Series

Low headroom worm gear driven electric hoists. Capacity 1 to 24 US tons 2000lbs (909 kg) - 48000lbs (21818 kg)

Quantum Series

Electric chain hoists Capacity 1/8 to 5 metric tons 275lbs (125 kg) - 11000lbs (5000 kg)

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