Ingersoll Rand Wire and Rope Pullers

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Ingersoll Rand offers some of the toughest pullers on the market, ready to accomodate any need you can throw at them.


  • Meets ASME B30.21 Specifications
  • 4:1 design factor for lifting, lowering and pulling
  • P Series = 1000 and 2000 lb Capacity
  • C Series = 1700 - 4000 lb Capacity
  • C Series features an overload safety handle for your protection
  • Both feature innovative safety and performance enhancements

P15D3H, hoist, main library

Wire Rope Puller Capacity 1000 lb (455 kg) and 2000 lb (909 kg)
C400H, puller, pullers

Cable/Strap Puller Capacity 1700lbs (773 kg) - 4000lbs (1818 kg)

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