ZRA2 (Medium)

ZRA2 (Medium)

ZRA2 (Medium)

Our medium capacity 700 series jibs utilize precision aluminum ZRA2 rail for a lightweight easy moving boom up to 20 ft (6 m) long with 220 degree rotation. The boom features a running surface with less then 1% rolling resistance and is anodized for a smooth, clean, corrosive-free surface. For custom jibs, low profile jibs, or portable pallet base mounts, consult the factory. Air and electric supply packages are sold separately. Stud anchors or bolts are to be supplied by the customer.


  • Sturdy Column

    The jib comes standard with a 7 in x 7 in x 3/8 in painted column designed for an under clearance of 14 ft (4.27 m) or less

  • Medium Duty

    Capacities between 400 lb (181 kg) and 2000 lb (907 kg)


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