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Rail Systems and Workstation Cranes by Ingersoll Rand

Enclosed rail forms the backbone of any material handling system. Ingersoll Rand offers five enclosed rail profiles in lightweight aluminum and durable steel.

The enclosed rail design reduces the accumulation of dirt and grime on the internal running surfaces, thus reducing rolling effort. These enclosed track profiles feature lightweight, precision running surfaces with less than 1% rolling resistance.

All the accessories, such as hanger kits, end trucks, trolleys, safety cables, and end stops, are provided to construct a complete ceiling supported or freestanding workstation crane system. The entire system is easily bolted together and requires no welding to assemble.

Ingersoll Rand's primary and vital concern is safety in all solutions for material handling and lifting. Ingersoll Rand rail systems are MMA Certified to meet or exceed ANSI MH27.2

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Up to 3000lb (1360Kg)
Rectangular Coverage
Ceiling Supported
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Up to 2000lb (907 kg)
Rectangular Coverage
Floor Mounted

zimmerman, monorail, transfer crane

Up to 3000 lb (1360 kg)
Single-axis transfer

Rail Profiles

Rugged Steel
Lightweight Aluminum

Rail System Components

Hanger Kits
End Trucks
End Stops


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