Aluminum and Steel Rail Profiles

Rail Profiles

Rail Profiles

Our aluminum rail profiles are extruded from 6063-T6. The aluminum rail is lightweight, and available in 3 profiles (ZRAT, ZRA1, ZRA2) up to spans of 30 ft (9 m). Our steel rail profiles are rolled from 9 gauge, A569 hot-rolled steel. The steel rail is rugged and economical, and available in 2 profiles (ZRS2, ZRS3) in spans up to 24 ft (7 m). For increased spans and capacities our ZRS2, ZRS3 and ZRA2 profiles are available with strongbacking.


  • Lightweight aluminum

    ZRAT, ZRA1, and ZRA2 offer lightweight aluminum construction

  • Rugged steel

    ZRS2 and ZRS3 offer hot-rolled steel construction


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