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Trolley, TR2U

TR2U and TR3U Series

1.5 to 25 metric ton capacity

TR2U and TR3U trolleys are supplied as standard equipment for LC2A hoists when specified. These trolleys may also be used as a hook-on trolley with any hoist. A 5:1 design factor allows these trolleys to be used with both manual and powered hoists.


  • Standard Features

    Plain, geared, and motorized configurations. Heavy duty vane motor. Robust steel construction. Adjustable flange width up to 12.2 inches (310 mm). Corrosion resistant treated wheels mounted on ball bearings. May be configured to fit flat or tapered beams.

  • Enhanced Safety

    5:1 design factor. Automatic disc brake. Rubber bumpers. “Anti-drop” rail sweeps.

  • Versatile Design

    Options include: Gear motor. Spark and corrosion resistant features. Marine paint systems. CE package to meet European Machinery Directive. “Hook-on” and lug adapters.


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