Force 5™ Third Generation Winch Series

FA2B, Air Winch, Third Generation

Third Generation Winches

4,000 lb (1,818 kg) to 10,000 lb (4,545 kg) Capacity

The Third Generation Series is designed for world-wide standards, meeting or exceeding North American ANSI / ASME B30.7 winch standards and third party Type Approval. The Third Generation offers standard features with reduced maintenance for safety, durability, reliability, enhanced control, and superior performance.


  • Motors

    Three different air motors provide a range of capacity, speed and air consumption options. Hydraulic and Electric motors are also available on our "modular" winch.

  • Control valve

    The newly updated K5C2 control valve incorporates lift and shift design for added safety. It is corrosion resistant by design.

  • Brakes

    Both the automatic internal disc brake and the popular manual and auto band brakes offer precise load control, even with lower than desired air pressure

  • Value and reliability

    Wedge type rope anchors provide meet the latest standards. "Blue" coated bolts are corrosion resistant.


The drawings on this site are for reference only and are subject to change without notice. Please contact Client Services for Certified outline and dimensional drawings for any of our equipment.

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FA2.5AFA2.5A-*MK1 or FA2.5AMR*MK1 (w/K5C2 Valve)26243.pdf
FA5AFA5AMR-*MK1 (w/K5C2 Valve) 26259.pdf
FA5AFA5A-*MX1 (w/K5C2 Valve)28927.pdf
Additional Languages :
TitleDescriptionTechnical Data Sheet (.pdf)
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