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Man Rider™ - Personnel Winches

330 lbs (150 kg) to 6,875 lbs (3,125 kg) Capacity

Ingersoll Rand’s offering of dedicated and dual purpose (utility & personal lifting) Man Rider™ winches are known worldwide as the standard for meeting the toughest personnel lifting requirements in the industry.

These rugged, oilfield tough winches have Type Approval or Independent Review certificates issued by the classification societies of ABS, DNV or LRS. Meet NPD, NMD and UK HSE regulations for personnel lifting operations.


  • Lifting and Lowering People on Offshore Drilling Rigs and Platforms

    Whether it is a dedicated Man Rider™ for lifing people in harnesses or botswain's chairs, or lifting people and then lifting material, Ingersoll Rand has a winch for the application.

  • Meeting world standards.Certified to those standards.

    Drilling rigs and platforms are used all over the world and come under numerous and diverse regulations. Ingersoll Rand builds to regional and global specifications and our winches are certified so by Det Norske Veritas, DNV, and the American Bureau of Shipping, ABS.

  • Type Approval

    A comprehensive design review by a third party addresses intended service, applications, ratings, design calculations, load bearng components, product specifications,and service restrictions or limitations. plant surveys verify quality control procedures. A Type Approval certificate is then issued.

  • What makes a winch a Man Rider™

    Minimum design factors of 8:1. Dual Brakes. Drum Guards. Type Approval Certs and Data Books upon request when requested at time of order. And, depending on where in the world it will be used, - CE certifications, over load devices, slack wire detectors, limit switches, emergency shut offs, emergency lowering devices and spooling devices.


The drawings on this site are for reference only and are subject to change without notice. Please contact Client Services for Certified outline and dimensional drawings for any of our equipment.

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