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Bolt on VFD's

Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) retrofits are available for rotary contact cooled and oil-free machines. The VFD retrofit is an external, stand–alone option making it easy to install and maintain. The VFD option provides the ability to exactly match the compressor’s output to the capacity required by varying the speed of the main drive motor. This translates into distinctive benefits for the customer.


  • Energy Savings

    By allowing continual operation at the desired pressure, the VFD can provide up to 35% energy savings compared to conventional cycling.

  • Utility Company Rebates

    Many utility companies offer rebates (sometimes as much as 100%) for plant energy savings (contact your local power company for details).

  • Lower Cost of Ownership

    Energy is the single largest cost in owning an air compressor. With variable speed operation, you will experience significant savings on this cost over the entire life of your compressor.

  • Smooth Start-Up

    The VFD is “soft starting,” which allows for controlled acceleration and deceleration. This results in reduced stress on mechanical components and enhanced system reliability – all of which extend the life of the compressor.

  • Additional Benefits

    VFD allows precise pressure control and reduced noise level.


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