Ingersoll Rand Jackhammers and Rock Drills

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Ingersoll Rand Jackhammers & Rock Drills Simon Ingersoll invented the world’s first rock drill in 1912 and Ingersoll Rand continues the tradition with three families of rock drills. These tools can be used for either wet or dry drilling and are built according to the high standards for which Ingersoll Rand is well known.


Hole capacity up to 1-1/2 inches(38mm) wide, 10 feet(3m) deep in concrete or soft to medium rock.

Hole capacity up to 2 inch (51 mm) diameter, 15 feet(4.6 m) deep in medium to hard rock.

Hole capacity up to 2 inch(51 mm) diameter, 18 feet(5.5 m) deep and up to in hard rock.

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