MX90AF & BF 90 lb Class Breaker Flex Handle


MX Series

Ideal for medium to heavy asphalt removal, demolition, utility work, and industrial maintenance with the MX60 breaker to heavy demolition with the MX90 breaker. These units are the most versatile of the IR breakers with unmatched product features and benefits . . . such as the power-stroke piston which delivers more power to the work surface and eliminates a costly wear item, the anvil block. Choose between the standard or vibration-reduced Flex-Handle models.


  • No costly side rods and springs.
  • Composite valve eliminates rusting.
  • Directional exhaust eliminates blow back.
  • Built in lubricator.
  • Hand serviceable shank does not require a press to service.
  • Backhead conforms to operator's leg.


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