6 Series Pistol-Grip Drill

6ADST4, drill, production drill


Proven Quality and Reliability

The popular 6 Series Drills deliver results day after day. And excellent power-to-weight ratio gets the job done with less fatigue.


  • .51 HP
  • Speeds: 350 to 20,000 RPM
  • Stall Torque: 7.0 to 313 in.-lb. / 0.8 to 35.7 Nm
  • Chuck Capacity: 1/4" to 3/8"
  • Double row ball bearings assure max TIR of .005” for precise, concentric holes.
  • Variable speed control allows slow starting and high speed for fast drilling
  • Skinsulate housing for operator comfort and productivity
  • Cantilever-mounted planetary gears are easily accessible without need to press from gear frame; simplifies maintenance


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