IC1D Insight Controller

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IC12D - Insight Display Controller

The IC12D Series of controllers give you full closed loop-control in an industry leading compact size. With features like 1/4 VGA color display and intuitive programming interface, the IC12D units provide unmatched performance and value. These controllers have full communication capability using Ethernet, RS232, Fieldbus or standard I/O. Units may be programmed either through the key pad or via a PC running ICS software. IC12D Controllers will self identify and operate all QE and QM Series of tools making set-up and operation an easy task.



    • 1/4 VGA 216 color display
    • Eternet, RS232 and I/O communication
    • Device Net and Profibus available
    • Dual mode power supply: 90 - 120 VAC and 200 - 240 VAC
    • Operating range of 0 to 50 degrees C
    • Operates all QE and QM Series Tools
    • Multiple mounting options


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