QE6 Inline tools

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QE6 Inline

The QE6S Series of In-Line tools when teamed with the IC Series Controllers provide superior accuracy and durability to meet your fastening requirements where a straight or In-line tool is required. The QE6S offer a torque range from 4.0 to 50 Nm with speeds up to 1840 RPM. Easy controls, Selector Switch, comfortable grips and bright LEDs allow the operators to focus on their work. The non-contacting switches, heavy duty gear train and DC brushless motor create a durable package that will keep your maintenance cost down. The small size, high speed, ergonomic grip and easy accessible controls will help keep your production line running smoothly.



    • High free speed
    • Compact lightweight design
    • High duty cycle
    • Status lights
    • Non-contacting switches
    • Trigger or lever start
    • Rotary reverse switch


    • Durable flexible cables
    • 3, 6, and 10 meter tool cable lengths ..... Straight or 90 degree versions
    • 10, 20 and 40 meter extensions cables


    • Socket trays
    • Selector switches
    • Net work software
    • Torque arms and tubes


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