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Ingersoll Rand / ARO offers a variety of piston and diaphragm pump units to handle different types of oils, greases and solvent materials. The pumps and packages are designed with the highest reliability and quality for our customers.



Oil is a universal lubricant found in almost every industry in multiple applications. ARO Pumps are used for mineral and synthetic based oils at automobile and marine service garages, OTR truck maintenance centers, dealerships, quick-lubes facilities, farm implement dealers, DIY shops and others.


Grease is an important part of maintaining any piece of equipment. Besides the traditional auto, truck and bus maintenance, ARO grease pumps are used in industrial applications where specific quantities of grease are required on a repetitive basis. ARO lubrication equipment is compatible with a wide range of greases. From standard NLGI (#0 - #3) greases, to specialty greases that may exceed 1,000,000 cPs.

Solvents, Coolants, Washer Fluids & Specialty Applications

ARO has pumps for specialty applications within a garage or maintenance facility. These applications include windshield washer fluids and anti-freeze proportioning to tire filling and repair of large off-road equipment.

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