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Technician Uses Ingersoll Rand Die Grinder to Complete Collision Repairs Quickly




Ingersoll Rand caught up with auto technician Austin Gilliam of Karl Chevrolet Collision Center in Ankeny, Iowa, to hear what he had to say about the new 301B Air Angle Die Grinder. Multiple winter storms hit Central Iowa this year, and Gilliam relied on the die grinder to complete collision repairs fast and efficiently.


This right angle die grinder delivers .25 hp at 21,000 rpm free speed. Its compact, lightweight design allows technicians easy operation and greater access to tight spots. The front exhaust is designed to help keep work surfaces clean.


Gilliam mostly uses the die grinder to take off surface paint so he can get down to the bare metal. In his opinion, right angle die grinders cut through the paint faster than other tools, saving time and money. The 301B die grinder is one of his go-to tools because it doesn’t heat the metal up as much as other tools tend to do. If the metal is too hot, it fluctuates — stretching or getting tighter — which makes it more difficult to work with and repair.


Gilliam described the air die grinder as a dependable tool that he does not have to worry about repairing. During the visit, he used the die grinder to take off the surface paint from a 2007 Chrysler Town & Country Minivan, damaged in a side collision.


Watch the video to see the tool in action.

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