Ingersoll Rand Industry & Application Solutions

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Primary Metals

From mold and melt shop to finishing and flash removal, hard-working Ingersoll Rand industrial grinders, impacts, hammers, pumps and lifting equipment are heavily relied on throughout the steel and iron industries.

Appliance Assembly

Appliance assembly professionals live by the rigorous demands placed on their finished products. That’s why they demand Ingersoll Rand assembly and finishing tools, dispensing pumps and systems and industrial lifting equipment. They know they can count on Ingersoll Rand for unmatched productivity and reliability.


“Shipbuilding” is a small term for production on a massive scale. Heavy-duty Ingersoll Rand grinders, impacts, hammers, riveters, pumps, and lifting equipment are the global shipyard’s most relied-on productivity enabler.

Woodworking / Furniture

From rough end to fine finish, Ingersoll Rand and ARO brand tools , pumps, motion control and lifting equipment have been the discerning woodworking professional’s production equipment of choice for over five decades.

Automotive Assembly

Because every assembly is critical, Ingersoll Rand assembly tools, precision fastening systems, dispensing pumps and systems and ergonomic handling components are engineered and built to the exacting demands and standards that drive the automotive industry.

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