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Energy Systems Dedicates First Company-Owned Microturbine Site



EMERYVILLE, CA (INGERSOLL RAND NEWS SERVICE) -- Ingersoll Rand Energy Systems hosted an open house and dedication in September for its first company-owned microturbine project that sells electricity and thermal energy to its client. Located in Emeryville, CA, the 750 kW alternative energy project serves EmeryStation, a 440,000-square-foot office, laboratory and retail development designed to support its primarily life sciences and technology-based tenant roster.

Energy Systems' Emeryville site consists of three 250 kW Ingersoll Rand microturbines that co-generate electricity and hot water for process and space heating. Commissioned in March 2006, the project provides two facilities, EmeryStation 1 and EmeryStation North, with more than 30 percent of base-load power and 80 percent of the thermal load.

Wareham Development, the developer and manager of the site, and its clients, benefit from energy and operating savings; more reliable power, with a reduction of load on the grid; and an ultra-clean, green energy source.

EmeryStation's biotech tenants require round-the-clock electricity and heat, resulting in an excellent value proposition for Energy Systems. Under the terms of the contract, Ingersoll Rand owns and operates the microturbine project and sells electricity and thermal energy to its client at a discounted rate. This type of agreement is also referred to as an Environmental and Energy Services Company (EESCo). While generating revenue for Ingersoll Rand, an EESCo also reduces the risk to the client.

The dedication was attended by Geoff Sears, partner, Wareham Development; City of Emeryville Mayor Ruth Atkin; Bill Sawyers, executive vice president and chief administrative officer of the Ernest Gallo Clinic and Research Center, a nationally recognized neuroscience research facility based at EmeryStation; local business leaders and potential clients. Representatives from Energy Systems and regional Security Technology sales managers also attended.

During the ceremony, Sears spoke about the significance of the alternative energy project to Wareham's philosophy of ensuring the health of its assets, both economically and environmentally. Mayor Atkin spoke about the City of Emeryville's commitment to environmental sustainability.

Combined, the three Ingersoll Rand MT250 microturbines generate enough electricity to power 100 homes, while offsetting 241 tons (219 metric tons) of carbon dioxide emissions every year. This is equivalent to planting 55 acres (0.22 square kilometers) of forest or taking 31 cars off the road.


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