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Ingersoll Rand Energy Systems Signs Agreement with Solenia SA



Portsmouth, New Hampshire, January 25, 2008 -- Ingersoll Rand Energy Systems, a business of Ingersoll-Rand Company, announced it has signed an agreement authorizing Solenia SA to market and sell Ingersoll Rand’s 250 kW microturbine products in the European market.

With the increasing worldwide challenge to meet energy needs in sustainable ways that take advantage of renewable resources, Solenia plans to offer Ingersoll Rand microturbines as part of its clean solution portfolio. Solenia supplies technologies, know-how and facilities that create value from biomass, dedicated crops or agricultural-industrial residues. Biomass is biological material such as wood, agricultural waste, or similar plant matter that can potentially be converted to useful energy.

Converting biomass to energy can be accomplished through processes such as pyrolysis, gasification, or anaerobic digestion. Using these processes, Solenia develops turnkey renewable energy power plants for its customers that accept biomass as a direct input to produce electrical power and useful heat. Solenia plans to continue to incorporate Ingersoll Rand microturbines as a clean technology solution for plants that will use the combustible gases from these processes as a fuel.

With very low emissions, the gas turbine engine of the Ingersoll Rand microturbine uses these fuels to drive an electrical generator and to capture useful heat. The resulting electrical power and heat can be used at the site for energy and operating savings, or exported to the utility grid. In many applications, the microturbine exhaust can also be used to help dry the biomass material that serves as the feedstock for the power plant.

Ingersoll Rand Energy Systems is a developer of clean Renewable Energy technologies and Advanced Thermal technologies. These technologies offer clean environmental benefits through long-life, low maintenance solutions that either provide prime electrical power or supplement utility power with the opportunity for energy savings. With an emphasis on developing solutions that will enable its customers to fulfill specific business goals, Ingersoll Rand Energy Systems offers the most comprehensive maintenance, service, lease and financing programs available in the microturbine markets. For more information, please visit

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Solenia, a part of the CO-VER Energy Holding, offers complete energy solutions in renewable energy and distributed generation including design, development, and “turnkey” management.


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