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Ingersoll Rand Energy Systems Microturbines Help PetroChina Protect the Environment



Portsmouth, New Hampshire, September 19, 2008 -- PetroChina, who became the world’s largest company after going public in November of 2007, is now operating two Ingersoll Rand Energy Systems MT250 microturbines to provide power for wellhead sites in its Changqing oil field.

The microturbines are fueled by “associated gases” which are recovered from the wells along with the crude oil. Mostly composed of methane, ethane and higher order hydrocarbon gases, associated gases have traditionally been disposed of by burning in a flare or by direct discharge into the atmosphere. But by using these gases as fuel for the microturbines, the project avoids the climate change impact of simply discharging gases (a greenhouse gas potential 21 times as great as CO2) while producing useful energy.

By allowing PetroChina to convert waste gases into energy, Ingersoll Rand Energy Systems microturbines help the government of China reach its energy conservation, environmental protection, and emissions reduction goals. As reported in the recent United Nations Climate Change Conference in Bali, China has set targets to control greenhouse gas emissions and reduce per unit GDP energy consumption by 20 percent over 2005 by 2010.

Ingersoll Rand Energy Systems is a manufacturer of clean and efficient microturbines, a local generating technology that can use natural gas, renewable or “waste” fuel gases to produce electricity and useful heat. Ingersoll Rand microturbines are low maintenance solutions that offer clean environmental benefits. These solutions can be used in a wide variety of applications such as landfills, waste water treatment plants, oil/gas recovery sites, industrial plants, large residential complexes, food processing plants, and agricultural sites. Ingersoll Rand Energy Systems also markets its advanced thermal technology products for high temperature heat exchange applications. With an emphasis on developing solutions that will enable its customers to fulfill specific business goals, Ingersoll Rand Energy Systems offers comprehensive maintenance, service, and financing programs. For more information, please visit

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