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New ARO Flex Check ™ Diaphragm Pumps



The ARO Fluid Technologies business of Ingersoll Rand announces the release of its new Flex Check air-operated double-diaphragm pump line. Featuring a flexible internal check design that permits the passage of fluids with stringy, fibrous semi-solids, the new Flex Check pump offering is perfectly suited to applications in OEM and Process Industries where handling fiber-filled materials can typically clog and stall pumps with standard check arrangements.


Flex Check Features:


Flexible checks- Featuring flexible –yet-durable internal fluid checks  that permit stringy, fibrous materials to pass through the pump; Flex –Check is the ideal answer to low - flow , semi-solids fluids transfer in car wash, printing, laundry OEM applications and a host of industrial operations.


Mounts and pumps in any of 360- degrees- Thanks to its check arrangement that permits a  continuous positive seal, the flex check pump can be mounted and operated in any of 360-degrees.


Positive priming with higher suction lift- Because the flex check pump creates a positive seal across the check, it in turn creates suction lift that is 30% higher than pumps outfitted with standard ball-type checks. This is a key feature in operations where the point of fluid dispersal is remote from the fluid source.


Non-siphoning performance- Once the pump is shut off, the fluid flow stops. This is an especially critical feature in fluid supply operations, such as OEM, where unwanted excess fluid  can create reliable fluid measurement and delivery issues. Positive seal is also more environmentally sound and  a money saver where excess fluid may be creating unnecessary waste.


Choose your pump check material- Flex checks are available in nitrile or neoprene for broad choice of fluid compatibility.


8. 7 GPM ( 32.9 LPM) fluid delivery- Flex Check pumps can deliver up to 8.7 gallons per minute, enough flow for a wide range of low-to-medium demand applications.


 Patented ARO design features – In addition to its unique handling and mounting capabilities, the Flex Check pump contains those patented features that have made ARO diaphragm pumps famous throughout industry. These include the simul-shift valve arrangement that  avoids pump stall-out, even under low air inlet pressures.



Polypropylene pump body construction- Flex Check pumps are constructed of high-grade polypropylene, for optimum fluid and environmental compatibility.




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