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ARO Releases New Extrusion Ram / Pump Packages



The ARO Fluid TechnoIogies business of Ingersoll Rand has released a newly –designed line of  single-post and two-post extrusion pump rams and complete ram / pump packages for  5 - gallon containers.  Featuring superior down-force in a compact footprint, the new ARO ram / pump packages are especially suited to high-viscosity material applications including inks, caulks, mastics, lubricants and more.


Single-Post Ram Features:


Handles High Viscosity Applications – from 20,000 to 250,000 centepoise materials

Versatile — accepts 3-inch, 4.25-inch, and 6-inch air motors

Ergonomic air controls —uses pneumatics to raise and lower pump packages up to 17.5 inches for easy container change outs.

Powerful 3.25-inch ram cylinder —provides industry-leading down force

Welded construction — ensures maximum performance and durability

Compact design — features refined footprint, improving adaptability to a variety of



Two-Post Ram Features


Handles Ultra- High Viscosity Applications – from 20,000 to 1,000,000 centepoise materials; powerful enough to handle all types of heavy inks, epoxies , caulks, mastics, adhesives and sealants.

Versatile — accepts 3-inch up to 10-inch air motors

Ergonomic air controls — uses pneumatics to raise and lower pump packages up to 17.5   inches for easy container change outs

Dual 3.25-inch ram cylinders —delivers more power for demanding applications or when available air pressure is minimal

Welded construction —combined with the two-post design provides increased strength and rigidity over the single-post ram

Robust design — provides industry-leading performance and reduced overall height


Complete Ram / Pump Package Features:


Reliable ARO piston pumps are the heart- the new ARO ram packages feature ARO piston style pumps. With a legacy of fluid handling performance that stretches back over 6 decades, the ARO piston pump has the critical features, including longer air motor life and superior abrasion –resistance that have made them famous throughout the assembly and other high-demand markets and applications.


Multiple pressures and flows- The new ram pump packages feature a broad range of  delivery pressures that include 22:1 ratio medium pressure /high flows up to our new 65:1 high-pressure, low flow pumps  for broad application latitude.


Packages come complete and ready to work- The new ARO ram /pump packages come complete with pump, ram,  air filter/regulator, hoses and all the components needed to get your application up and running with minimal set up .


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