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ETS Boutillon switches to Ingersoll Rand for main supplier of refrigerated dryers



Vignate, Italy - July 27, 2009 One of the company's distributors of industrial and commercial compressors has decided to choose Ingersoll Rand as its main supplier for refrigerated dryers.



The discussion between Ingersoll Rand and ETS Boutillon started at the beginning of 2009, during the launch of the new Lunair piston compressors and HIT dryers in Milan, Italy. During this event the features and benefits of their new refrigerated dryers were shown to the ETS Boutillon sales and marketing team. This had a big impact when it came time for ETS to decide on buying new dryers.



Already in the first five months of 2009, ETS Boutillon has already bought three times more refrigerated dryers than the full previous year and more orders are expected to come in the coming months.



ETS Boutillon reflects the Ingersoll Rand strategy: Each time Ingersoll Rand sells one compressor, Ingersoll Rand sells one dryer and two filters.


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