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New Refrigerated Dryers 60 Hz



Vignate, Italy - July 27, 2009 - Ingersoll Rand launches new Ingersoll Rand Refrigerated Dryers 60 HZ.


During the third week of June 2009, new Ingersoll Rand refrigerated dryers 60 HZ were launched. In less than two weeks after the launch, the company received already an order for 17 dryers.



These dryers share the same platform, features and benefits of their 50 Hz dryers that were launched one year ago. The range of dryers in 60 Hz will also cover the High Inlet Temperature dryers that have been launched last January.



Some of the characteristics, features and benefits of their new 60 Hz Refrigerated Dryers are:

  • One clear offering from one European factory

  • Reliable products

  • Exactly the same as our 50 Hz models

  • Compared to previous models 60 Hz from

    • Increase operating capability

    • Smaller footprint

    • Lower power consumption

  • Full feature controls

  • No-loss drain

  • Energy saving sodel

  • Energy and environmentally friendly

  • Designed and built by Ingersoll Rand



Ingersoll Rand invites their distributors and sales people to go on their new ITS ESA Sales Library and to visit the section dedicated to these new 60 Hz refrigerated dryers, where they will find more technical and sales related information.


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