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New Ingersoll-Rand Impact Tools Pack More Power



Ingersoll-Rand Productivity Solutions has introduced the 3900Ti Series of titanium industrial impact tools, a powerful set of impacts that leads the industry in performance and strength. The use of titanium reduces the weight of the tools and increases durability, making these impacts ideal for heavy use in nearly any impact application.

These titanium impacts weigh between 21and 23 pounds. They offer maximum forward torque from 500 to 2,750 foot-pounds, and a powerful 500 to 3,250 foot-pounds of torque in reverse — a 10 – 15 percent increase in performance over competing models. Additionally, the engines in these impacts offer improved airflow and high-performance, seven-vane rotors, with a 75 – 95 CFM output range.

Durability is standard with the new Ingersoll-Rand 3900Ti Series impact tools. Titanium hammer casing and reverse-biased brass endplates increase strength and provide exceptional corrosion resistance. The twin-hammer mechanisms found on each model are the strongest, most durable, and longest-lasting mechanisms in the industry.

Designed for stamina, the integrated reverse levers and muffler systems provide protection from rough handling in tough applications. Other key features of the 3900Ti Series include reduced vibration and noise levels, laser-etched product information that lasts the life of the tools, and ergonomic handles for enhanced operator comfort.


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