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Ingersoll-Rand Announces Latest Generation of DC Electric Fastening Systems



Annandale, New Jersey — Ingersoll-Rand Productivity Solutions is pleased to announce the release of its latest generation of DC electric fastening systems: the IC1D and IC1M controllers, the ICS Software Suite, and the QM Series spindles.

These industry-leading products expand the already highly successful Ingersoll-Rand fastening platform that was established in March of 2004 with the launch of the QE Series tools and IC1G and IC2G graphics controllers.

“Our latest products showcase even more impressive technologies and industrial designs to deliver compact, precise, and productivity-enhancing solutions. Our fastening solutions provide users in all industries and regions of the world the ability to match the appropriate level of Ingersoll-Rand technology to their unique application requirements,” said Mike Medaska, Ingersoll-Rand global marketing manager.

At the heart of the new systems are the innovative IC1D and IC1M tool controllers, which offer best-in-class size, configurability, and ease-of-use.

The Insight IC1D controllers provide full closed-loop control in an industry-leading compact size. With features like a ¼ VGA full-color display, standard Ethernet connection, and an intuitive programming interface, users can program basic strategies, select from among 256 stored configurations, as well as view torque, angle, and cycle status indicators. The units control all QE Series tools and QM Series spindles.

The Ingersoll-Rand Insight IC1M controller is a basic single-spindle, stand-alone controller. The IC1M also works seamlessly with all QE Series tools and QM Series spindles, and is optimized for rack or cabinet mounting as a single unit or in groups of up to 40 to drive multispindle systems. A one-line digital display provides torque or angle output and fault codes. The units are efficiently cooled and can operate in a wide temperature band (zero to 60 ° C).

The new Ingersoll-Rand ICS Software Suite has been designed to expand the capability of the IC1D and IC1M controllers, offering an enhanced level of precision control, plant floor communication, and performance monitoring. Four distinct levels of software unlock the ability to perform advanced programming, communicate across a plant floor network, remotely program units, synchronize spindles, and archive data. One program, ICS Network, also enables the patented TactAlert TM capability of the QE Series tools.

The final element of the new DC electric fastening systems is the backbone of any multispindle solution, the QM Series spindles. Available in four platforms — QM3, QM5, QM7, and QM9 — this series of spindles offers torque coverage from 3 to 650 Nm (with higher torques available upon request). The spindles are designed for high-cycle fixture applications and employ rugged motors, transducers, and electronics that deliver the highest levels of performance, durability, and reliability in the industry.

“It’s all about enabling our customers to improve their joint quality, product reliability, productivity, and their bottom line,” said Medaska. “Manufacturing engineers who oversee complex assembly operations are demanding increasing levels of innovation, productivity, and value, and our new systems deliver on all three.”


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