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Ingersoll-Rand Unveils the Nitrogen Tire Filling System



-- New Nitrogen Generator Provides Large Tire Retailers and Fleet Service
Providers With Tires That Last Longer and Run More Safely --

ANNANDALE, N.J. — Ingersoll-Rand’s Productivity Solutions Group has introduced the Nitrogen Tire Filling System, which enables tires to perform better, last longer and function with a greater degree of safety than tires filled with ordinary compressed air.

IR’s new Nitrogen Tire Filling System utilizes state-of-the-art membrane technology to deliver high-quality nitrogen to tires. A dry, inert gas used by racing professionals and the military to inflate race-car tires and military vehicles, nitrogen leaks through a tire’s rubber walls three times more slowly than oxygen. As a result, tires filled with high-quality nitrogen, delivered by IR’s Tire Filling System, stay inflated longer, and therefore grip the road better and provide greater control, in all weather conditions.

“It’s an obvious safety issue. Simply put, tires filled with nitrogen provide more stable pressure,” said Ray Evernham, a three-time NASCAR Nextel Cup Champion Crew Chief and team owner of Evernham Motorsports. “That’s why IR’s Nitrogen Tire Filling System represents the best solution for drivers and tire repair centers.”

“Whether you are a traveling sales person logging thousands of miles a week or a soccer mom who makes quick, local trips, having your tires filled with IR’s Nitrogen Tire Filling System provides an enhanced sense of comfort and security,” Evernham added. “For tire repair centers, using IR’s latest technological breakthrough can help save money, improve shop productivity and will demonstrate to customers that their safety and properly maintaining their vehicle is a top priority.”

Improper tire inflation, Evernham noted, compromises the tire’s load capacity, decreases fuel economy, and results in sluggish handling and heat build up. Heat buildup can lead to catastrophic tire failure – a blowout, in other words.

IR’s Nitrogen Tire Filling System has no moving parts, is very quiet and requires simple annual maintenance. The system can be connected easily to the existing compressed air supply, and can be ready to generate nitrogen in minutes.

IR offers three units designed to supply adequate amounts of nitrogen for vehicle service shops, high volume tire retailers and truck/fleet operations. Units can be supplied in a fully packaged configuration which includes a tank mounted integrated system to minimize the floor space required – making the IR unit the most compact design available today.

Longer Tire Life

Another advantage that nitrogen has over oxygen is the fact that as oxygen leaks out through a tire’s rubber walls, it oxidizes the rubber compounds in the tire, causing the tire to deteriorate. In contrast, nitrogen is a clean, moisture-free gas that slows down the tire aging process.

“Fleet operators will quickly realize the cost savings which can be attained by running nitrogen in their tires,” said Michael Keim, IR product manager. “The number of tires that they will have to retread each year will be far fewer. Studies have shown that tire life can be increased by up to 26 percent,- which has huge cost saving potential.”

For more information about the Ingersoll-Rand’s new Nitrogen Tire Filling System or other products and solutions the company offers, contact: Ingersoll-Rand Company, Productivity Solutions, 1467 Route 31 South, P.O. Box 970, Annandale, NJ 07882; phone: 908-238-7000; fax: 908-238-7901. Or visit the Ingersoll-Rand Garage Solutions web site at


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