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Ingersoll-Rand Software Suite Enables Precision Control



Ingersoll-Rand Assembly Solutions has developed a new software suite designed to integrate seamlessly with its QE and QM line of assembly tools and offer precision control and performance monitoring. The ICS Software Suite is available in four configurations and, when paired with the Ingersoll-Rand Insight IC controller, is equipped to control a single tool or dozens.

ICS can be installed on a PC in order to program, view, and archive data from individual controllers. The four configurations include ICS Connect™, which allows programming and data-viewing from a single IC1M or IC1D controller; ICS Network™, which offers greater programming capability of multiple controllers; ICS Enterprise™, which offers advanced programming and network management of up to 500 IC controllers using QE tools, QM spindles, or multi-spindle systems; and ICS MultiSync™, which allows the programming and synchronization of up to 100 connected QE hand-held tools or QM fixtured tools.

“Precision control is an absolute necessity in high-intensity assembly environments,” said Mike Medaska, Ingersoll-Rand. “And in the most safety-critical applications, where torque value must be traceable, the ICS software gives a reliable means of monitoring and archiving this critical data.”

ICS software offers increased flexibility and allows users to load and program all advanced tightening strategies to the IC controllers: torque control, angle control, drag torque, yield tightening, and more. In addition, it supplies the necessary data for Statistical Process Control: mean, standard deviation, and indices for process potential and process capability.


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