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Ingersoll-Rand EXPert Series Pumps Reach Milestone



Annandale, New Jersey – Ingersoll-Rand ARO Fluid Products is pleased to announce that the EXPert (EXP) Diaphragm Pump line has recently reached the $5 million sales milestone — an impressive figure considering the launch was staggered throughout the past two years.

The EXP series line of pumps became fully available in March of 2005, and is available in seven different materials, and four different sizes, between 1” and 3”. The pumps are predominately used in the process industry, and are made to pump corrosive and abrasive materials safely and efficiently.

The EXPert Diaphragm pumps’, which Dow Chemical Corporate credits as the “best technology available,” great success can be credited to many features, but the biggest selling point for this product may be its efficiency.

According to Gordon Schroeder, Ingersoll-Rand global marketing manager, the EXP’s efficiency has been a real eye, and door opener. “The pump is extremely efficient when compared to the competition,” added Schroeder. “We have performed a series of head-to-head efficiency audits to prove our claims, and the results have been extremely positive. Once a customer tries an EXP, they tend to sell themselves, which is why we expect to double sales and reach the $10 million milestone by the end of 2005.”

A few of the more prominent features possessed by the EXP are; a patented stall-free, ice-free valve design, which eliminates downtime, a five year warranty, and a bolt on valve, which allows for easy repairs and helps to ensure a life expectancy of four times that of most competitors.

“People realize the need to continue to invest in making themselves more globally competitive, and the EXP pump technology provides the right value proposition,” stated Schroeder. “The EXP’s strong value proposition will give Ingersoll-Rand the opportunity to continue to develop long-term partnerships with not only the global accounts that use the product, but also the specialty pump distribution and original equipment manufacturer’s that serve them; and these new relationships will be a gateway for Ingersoll-Rand to provide future products and services to this industry.”


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