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Total Equipment in Pittsburgh and Charleston, WV

(412) 269-0999

For 30 years, Total Equipment Company has distributed and serviced fluid- and air-handling products for industries in Pennsylvania, West Virginia and beyond.

EC distributes and services products from the most trusted brands in the industry. Our equipment is used in a variety of settings, including construction, mining and water/wastewater. Energy companies now rely on us to help them unearth the natural gas from our region’s Marcellus Shale.

TEC has the largest inventory of pumps, compressors, blowers, mixers and mechanical seals in the region. We have the equipment to help you get the job done.


400 Fifth Avenue
Coraopolis, PA 15108

(412) 269-0999

200 Smiley Drive
St. Albans, WV 25177

(304) 755-3345

Major Areas Served

Greensburg, PA
Irwin, PA
Washington, PA
Pittsburgh, PA
Wheeling, WV
Butler, PA
Coraopolis, PA
New Kensington, PA
Canonsburg, PA
Fairmont, WV
Aliquippa, PA
Bethel Park, PA
New Castle, PA
Monroeville, PA
Altoona, PA
Gibsonia, PA
Charleston, WV
Saint Albans, WV

Ingersoll Rand Air Compressors, Parts and Repair Services

Provided In Pittsburgh and Charleston, WV

As an Ingersoll Rand Master distributor we are the top provider of:

Rotary Screw Air Compressors

Rotary screw air compressors are known for their quality and reliability.
With a seven-step rotor manufacturing process to enhance profile accuracy and quality, an air compressor rotary screw does more work over a longer period of time than any other rotary compressor in the world.
Continuous Duty
Rotary screw compressors provide pulsation-free air 24 hours a day operating on a 100 percent duty cycle.
The rugged, durable airend is designed with high-quality duplex, tapered roller bearings to reduce thrust loads.
Quiet Operation
A standard enclosure ensures quiet operating levels at 80 dBA or below.
Leak-free Design
Hydraulic-type SAE O-ring fittings are used on connections to eliminate leaks. Rotary screw air compressors can be:

  • Tank-mounted
  • Single-stage
  • Two-stage
  • Oil-free
  • Centrifugal Air and Gas Compressors

    The centrifugal air compressor is a dynamic compressor, which depends on transfer of energy from a rotating impeller to the air.
    The rotor accomplishes this by changing the momentum and pressure of the air. This momentum is converted to useful pressure by slowing the air down in a stationary diffuser.
    The centrifugal air compressor is oil-free by design.
    The oil-lubricated running gear is separated from the air by shaft seals and atmospheric vents.
    It is also a continuous duty compressor, with few moving parts, that is particularly suited for high volume applications.

    Reciprocating Compressors

    Reciprocating compressors use the stroke of a piston to compress air.
    A single-stage compressor discharges air at a pressure of 125 psi. A two-stage reciprocating compressor delivers air pressure to 175 psi. In either case, the recommended operating pressure is 80-90 psi.
    Recent Ingersoll-Rand enhancements in cooling design allow our two-stage compressors to operate at a 100 percent duty cycle.
    No other reciprocating compressor matches these Ingersoll-Rand machines in efficiency, component strength, quality construction, reliability, low maintenance and service support. Reciprocating compressors can be:


    Gas Engine Drive


    High Pressure


    PET Bottle Blowing

    Air Compressor Parts and Services

    We also offer the following compressed air parts, accessories and services:





    Air Compressor Rentals Lubricants

    Ultra Coolant
    Ultra Plus
    Original Coolant
    H1-F Food Grade Coolant
    All Season Select


    Variable Frequency Drive
    System Controllers
    Simplair Compressed Air Pipe
    Air Tanks/Receivers
    Installation/Point of use items
    Condensate Drains
    Filters, Regulators, Lubricators

    System Audits

    Supply Side
    Full Demand Side