Oil-Free Air Compressor Parts and Accessories


You have a lot riding on your oil-free compressor system. You expect consistent reliable, clean dry air at the lowest possible operating cost.  Choose our genuine parts and  accessories to ensure that your compressor is running efficiently and productively.

As your trusted partner, Ingersoll Rand is a single, knowledgeable source for all the aftermarket accessories that you would need.  This includes no-loss drain valves, coolants,  controls, filters, receiver tanks, piping and variable speed drives.

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Pneumatic No-Loss Drain Valve

  • No air loss
  • Large orifice
  • Pneumatic actuation
  • No electrical

Electric No-Loss Drain Valve

  • Handles compressed air systems up to 50,000 cfm (1,415 m3/min)
  • Electrical actuation
  • Service kit annually
  • No air Loss


  • Extend the life of your machine
  • Up to 16,000 hrs of life between change-outs


In Line Filters

  • Eliminates potential contaminants such as particulate and odors

Receiver Tanks

  • Store energy delivering the required pressure and flow at the right time
  • Manage spikes in demand


  • Demand control valve to stabilize pressure
  • Works with other system controls to maximize efficiency

SimplAir EPL

  • Marine-grade aluminum pipes
  • High-flow delivery of compressed air and other inert gases
  • Efficient, leak-free distribution
  • Supports vacuum systems


Variable Frequency Drives

  • Smooth compressor operation for improved efficiency
  • Save up to 35% in energy costs



System Controller

  • Manages and controls multiple compressors
  • Optimizes energy and compressor longevity